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If you’ve come up with a novel invention , it makes sense that you’d want only the most prudent patent lawyers to help make your vision a reality. At Volta Law Group, we are proud to be among the top patent attorneys for hire anywhere.

Though we are based in Washington D.C., patent law falls under federal jurisdiction. As U.S.-registered attorneys, our team has over 60 years of combined experience in patent law, and we are qualified to assist you in the patent process, no matter which state you reside in. Don’t believe us? You don’t have to. We have over 600 reviews to support our claim, all of which are 100% authentic, per American Bar Association Rules.

If you are wondering how to make a patent or need patent search services, we can solve all your problems. Most importantly, we’ll help you protect your invention, whether it’s a dog tracking system, toy vacuum, or computer program.

Top Patent Attorneys for Hire

When you hire our lawyers to help you through the legal patent process, you set yourself up to work with the smartest patent attorneys — and that’s a great step in getting protection for your invention.

Many people may erroneously assume that you can do it without hiring an agent or attorney because the USPTO patent search process is technically free to do on your own. Unfortunately, it’s true in patent law and the rest of the world that you get what you pay for.

If you choose to hire a non-law firm patent company or to navigate the patent lookup process on your own, you may leave yourself open to intellectual property theft, especially if you inadvertently disclose information about your invention in public. For this reason, it’s imperative to the future of your invention that you hire a patent lawyer that you trust.

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Find a Patent Attorney

Patent law falls in line with federal law, so you don’t have to seek out a patent attorney in your state. With our law firm, you don’t have to simply trust that we know what we’re doing — we will show you! Only registered U.S. patent attorneys and agents are eligible to present in front of the USPTO. You can find our law group in the registry of active patent practitioners, but we know that’s not enough. The USPTO also keeps a registry of patent attorneys who have been subject to disciplinary action— a list you will not find any of our attorneys’ names on. We believe that the smartest patent lawyers are honest lawyers, so we don’t promise anything we can’t fulfill.

What we can promise is that we know patent law and that we will provide you with a thorough patent analysis based on our years of experience in this area.

Why Hiring a Lawyer to File a Patent Is Best

When you hire a patent lawyer, you can trust that your intellectual property is protected by the attorney-client privilege. Hiring an attorney is one of the best decisions you can make for the future of your invention or your idea. The smartest patent attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of patent and copyright law and may even be able to connect you with other people or resources that can help you move your business forward. They will also be able to help you through the patent lookup process, interpret the patent search report, and advise on your best avenues forward, including legal provisional patent application.

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Patent Lawyer Costs

One major factor that steers inventors towards non-law firm companies and DIY patent approval is the assumption that it will save you money. Unfortunately, this approach ignores the expertise patent lawyers can bring to the process. Patent attorneys know the language of patent law and can guide you through the application process in a way that will likely save you far more time and money in the long run.

The costs associated with filing a patent application can vary tremendously depending on the complexity of the invention and the services you require, such as the U.S. patent search and application filing. The average total cost of filing a patent ranges from about $6,000 to $12,000.

What Rights Does a Patent Provide? 

After investing in patent search services and filing a patent application, you want to feel confident that your invention is protected from infringement. The good news is that when an invention has been patented properly, it cannot be made, distributed, imported, or sold by anyone else but the owner unless the owner provides their consent. If you suspect your rights are being violated, you can request the help of patent infringement litigation attorneys to rectify the situation.

What Inventions Can Be Patent Protected?

An invention can be patent protected if it has a useful purpose, is unique or novel, and is non-obvious. You could seek a patent for almost anything, such as a machine, production process, tool, new plant species, or chemical compound.

Our attorneys will help you conduct a U.S. patent search to ensure your idea has never been patented and meets the qualifications to fall under one of the three types of patents:

  • Utility Patents: Our utility patent attorneys will help you gain protection for a new or improved product or machine.
  • Design Patents: Our design patent attorneys can guide you through the process of gaining protection for the distinct visual appearance of an invention.
  • Plant Patents: These patents are granted to inventors who have come up with new plant cells through asexual propagation techniques.

How Long Do Patent Protections Last?

You will only receive protection for your invention for a limited time. Your invention will typically be protected for 20 years from the date you file an application.

You could hire provisional patent attorneys to secure a provisional patent for your invention. When you do this, you will receive a “patent pending status” for one year, giving you time to develop your idea.

Safeguard Your Invention by Hiring Experienced Patent Attorneys

You’ve poured time, money, and energy into your invention. Don’t let all this effort go to waste simply because you don’t know how to make a patent. At Volta Law Group, we will guide you through the entire process, ensuring the appropriate patents are secured correctly. To schedule a free consultation with the top patent and trademark search attorneys, contact our team today!

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