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The process of applying for and securing a patent can be tedious and multifaceted, so it’s always a good idea to retain a US-registered patent attorney to guide you through the patent application. At Volta Law Group, we have over 60 years of combined experience working with patent applications and providing legal patent application services to our clients.

What is the first step in the patent application process?

As part of our legal patent application service, we will walk you through every step of the patent applications process. The very first step in the patent application process is determining if your invention has already been patented. Unfortunately, if it’s already been patented, that is the end of the process. If the search concludes that your invention is unique, your attorney will help you decide what type of patent to apply for. There are three different types of patents.

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Utility Patent Applications

Utility patent applications are the most common applications we see as part of our legal patent application service. Why? Because utility patents are the most common overall patent.

You can file a patent application for a unique invention that can be defined as any of the following:

Utility patents focus on the function of your invention. If you have improved the functionality of an existing invention or you have created a brand new product, process, or the machine, Volta Law Group can advise you on the patent applications process. Once your USPTO application is approved, your invention will hold patent protection for 20 years from the original filing date.

Provisional vs. Non-Provisional Patent Application

There are two types of utility patent applications. Provisional patent applications are a quick and cost-effective way to patent your invention in its earliest stages so that it is protected while you figure out more of the details with your patent attorney.

The USPTO doesn’t examine provisional patents, and they automatically expire precisely one year after the filing date. After your provisional patent expires, you will need to file for a non-provisional patent, or you will leave your intellectual property vulnerable to theft. As part of our legal patent application service, we will help you figure out if it’s best to file a provisional or nonprovisional patent application for your invention.

Provisional Patent Application

The USPTO has offered the provisional patent application since June 1995. Provisional patent applications do not require formal patent claims, oaths, or declarations necessary for non-provisional applications. A provisional patent is a fast and convenient way to provide patent protection for your invention during the first year of development. Provisional patents also apply the term “Patent Pending” to your invention’s description.

Provisional patents are only valid for one year from the original filing date, at which time you will need to file a non-provisional patent application and all the necessary documents to maintain patent protection. At Volta Law Group, our legal patent application service will help you understand the most important pieces of the patent applications process and keep you informed on your application’s status.

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Design Patent Application

Though less common than utility patents, design patents make up a significant portion of all U.S. patent applications. While utility patents apply to your invention’s function, design patents provide protection for non-functional, decorative, and aesthetic aspects of a useful invention. Design patents are valid for 15 years from the date they are issued.

Design patents must be written in specific detail with attention to federal regulations as to which design elements are eligible for patent protection. At Volta Law Group, our team can provide the necessary expertise to secure a patent for your intellectual property.

For more information about patent protection, the different types of patents, and how Volta Law Group can help you navigate the patent applications process, contact our team today!

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