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The attorneys in our firm are licensed and registered to practice Patent and Trademark Law before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

David Edmondson, Esq. is the managing attorney here at the Volta Law Group. You can verify the validity of his patent attorney license directly with the USPTO.gov by clicking this blue box and either searching his last name or plugging in his license number #35,126.

We have extensive experience with patents, trademarks, searches, prosecution, TTAB, cease & desist letters, copyrights, freedom to operate opinions, infringement opinions, LLC & incorporations, patent infringement litigation, website disclaimers, terms of use, and privacy policies.

We have over 600 client reviews and all of our reviews are 100% authentic per American Bar Association (ABA) Rule 7.1 which states that a lawyer shall not make a false or misleading communication about the lawyer or the lawyers services.

We have clients in almost all 50 states and numerous countries around the world.

If you are looking for a better qualified attorney experience without huge legal fees or huge egos, you’ve come to the right place.

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But a word of caution if you are looking to file a patent:

  • Beware of sharing your invention with non-lawyers, non-law firms, document preparation companies or patent marketing companies as the attorney-client privilege DOES NOT EXIST!
  • These non-law firm patent companies will try to steer you into marketing your idea as a first step. Marketing an idea that may already be patented is NOT a first step!  Conducting the Patent Search is the first step.  They might even tell you that they conducted a search and the search is clear without providing you with the physical search report document.
  • Put simply, please BEWARE of filing Patents and Trademarks with attorneys who are NOT registered to practice before the USPTO!
  • Please note, for well over 100 years, courts have marveled at how difficult it is to draft a patent application.  Starting in 1892, in the case of Topliff v. Topliff, the U.S. Supreme Court explained:“The specification and claims of a patent…constitute one of the most difficult legal instruments to [draft] with accuracy, and in view of the fact that valuable inventions are often placed in the hands of inexperienced persons to prepare such specifications and claims, it is no matter of surprise that the latter frequently fail to describe with requisite certainty the exact invention of the patentee, and err either in claiming that which the patentee had not in fact invented, or in omitting some element which was a valuable or essential part of his actual invention.”

Law firm members consist of former USPTO patent examiners while others have backgrounds in Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Engineering, Robotic Engineering and Physics. Having a strong Physics background facilitates understanding a relatively large variety of technologies including: Complex Electrical and Mechanical Systems, Electromagnetism, Thermodynamics, Solid State Electronics, Computer Architecture, Software, Electronic Device Design and Fabrication, Dynamic Fluid Systems, Quantum and Nano Systems, GPS, Lasers and Computer and Optical Networking. Other members of our firm have backgrounds in Mechanical Engineering, Aero Engineering, Gene Therapy, Biology, Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Bio Engineering and Bio-medical Engineering.

Our Firm

We named our law firm after Count Alessandro Volta because he is recognized as one of the most influential inventors of all time.

Of all the forces of nature, the one most representative of the age of science is electricity.  It is the discovery and application of electricity that has been the greatest blessing to humanity.

And Volta’s contribution in this area cannot be overstated. Volta was the discoverer of constant-current electricity.  He proposed that an electrical current is generated by contact between different metals.

Volta’s work in this area resulted in his construction of the first battery known as the voltaic pile. Volta’s battery made available, for the first time, a sustainable source of electrical current.

In his honor, the term “volt” or “voltage” was officially adopted to designate the unit of electric potential and electromotive force.

In addition to electrical phenomena, Volta’s studies also involved chemistry and gases. Volta’s pistol was a device that safely allowed an explosion to be sparked in a closed environment and can be considered a predecessor to the internal combustion engine (piston).

For these reasons, we chose to keep his inventive spirit alive by naming our law firm after him.

Patent and Trademark Law is based on federal law. Due to the nature of federal law, we are licensed to represent clients across the United States and internationally.

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